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  • Palanga


    Half an hour car ride away from Klaipėda, on the coast of the Baltic sea, is situated the summer “capital” of Lithuania – Palanga. Charming in autumn and spring, mysterious in winter, and definitely loud, bright and full of people during summertime. The tour will lead you to the palace of Count Felix Tyszkiewicz – nowadays […]

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  • Curonian Spit


    “I feel as if standing on the doorway to heaven” after visiting the highest dune in Nida in 1965 wrote famous French writer Jean P. Sartre. The Curonian spit is a UNESCO heritage jewel and probably the most precious and fragile place in Lithuania. It is a narrow strip of sand and forest, surrounded by […]

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  • Klaipėda


    What was the recipe for traditional tear-squeezing Klaipėda’s grog? What were capable swimmers called by the locals? What is going to happen if fish inhabit your dreams? What did the earliest inhabitants of Klaipėda territory have in common with Vikings? What was Richard Wagner doing in Klaipėda? This is just a part of the curious […]