Half an hour car ride away from Klaipėda, on the coast of the Baltic sea, is situated the summer “capital” of Lithuania – Palanga. Charming in autumn and spring, mysterious in winter, and definitely loud, bright and full of people during summertime.

The tour will lead you to the palace of Count Felix Tyszkiewicz – nowadays one of the most popular museums in the country – the Amber museum. First floor of the palace illustrates the life of illustrious counts, its carefully recreated interiors enable the visitors to feel this long gone epoch, and the second holds numerous amber artifacts from stone age treasures to fantastic and rare inclusions. The Palanga Amber museum contains the fourth biggest collection of amber inclusions in the world.

The palace itself is a sight, but the 100 ha park surrounding it is even more famous. Planned by the renowned french landscape architect and botanist Édouard François André, today it is one of the best remaining parks laid out by this XIX century European landscaping celebrity.

After visiting the palace and the park you will get to meet Palanga itself: you will stroll through the artery of the town, Basanavičius pedestrian street.  Cafes, restaurants, bars, game arcades, souvenir shops, food vendors and various merchant stalls line this promenade leading straight to the Baltic sea. By the sea Basanavičius street ends with a wooden pier, especially famous among people who come to see the sunset.

Visit this specific location, which in summer attracts tens of thousands of people from Lithuania and other countries.


Contact me for a personalized tour.

Average tour length – 3 hours. Price – 60 € (transportation costs and museum tickets not included).




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