Curonian Spit


“I feel as if standing on the doorway to heaven” after visiting the highest dune in Nida in 1965 wrote famous French writer Jean P. Sartre.

The Curonian spit is a UNESCO heritage jewel and probably the most precious and fragile place in Lithuania. It is a narrow strip of sand and forest, surrounded by the Baltic sea on one side and by the Curonian lagoon on the other.

Explore it by car or by bicycle. The tour starts in Smiltynė and after a short ferry ride continues to Juodkrantė, where you will visit the magical Hill of Witches, inhabited by oaken devils, witches and various characters from Lithuanian folktales. After Juodkrantė you will visit the breathtaking Dead dunes: a unique place where desert landscape, sharply falling into lagoon waters, stretches before your eyes, while dense green coniferous forest and sea wave behind your back.

After the Dead dunes, the tour continues to one of the most sought-after resorts in Lithuania – Nida. It is a small former fisherman settlement with beautiful wooden houses and serene atmosphere. Here you will visit a historical Lutheran church, amber museum and the highest dune in Lithuania topped with a monumental sundial.

The Curonian spit is a real feast for your eyes and all other senses. Feel this place and learn about its history and people.

This tour takes all day (approx. 8 hours). Contact me for a personalized trip (maybe you want to go there by boat, or by car, or bicycle.. let’s find the best way for you).

Approximate tour price – 100 € (transportation costs and museum tickets are not included).



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