What was the recipe for traditional tear-squeezing Klaipėda’s grog? What were capable swimmers called by the locals? What is going to happen if fish inhabit your dreams? What did the earliest inhabitants of Klaipėda territory have in common with Vikings? What was Richard Wagner doing in Klaipėda? This is just a part of the curious questions – get answers to them during the tour.

Strolling through Nordic and ascetic old town streets and the river Dane quays you will get acquainted with iconic buildings, sculptures and other various objects through which different eras of Klaipėda’s history reveal themselves. From a poor castle settlement to an isolated medieval town. From a royal town, the capital of the whole Kingdom of Prussia, to a fast-growing biggest timber trade port in the Baltic Sea region. From abandoned ruins of World War II to contemporary and strategically important Lithuania’s only seaport. Germanic red-brick warehouses, half-timbered buildings, classical town hall, bridges, even decorative sculptures or the white-sailed symbol of the town – barkentine “Meridianas“ – convey various interesting facts about Klaipėda’s life. The story of the city will be enriched with excerpts from former inhabitants’ memoirs, letters, and stories.


Average tour length – 2 hours. Contact me for a personalized tour.

Tour price – 50 €  (museum tickets are not included).


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