About me


About me

I was born far away from the sea in the wide plains of Northern Lithuania. I spent my childhood climbing trees, swimming in the dolomite quarries dug by my father, tending vast vegetable gardens and reading tons of books.

After a few destiny zigzags and some tough exams, I ended up at Klaipėda University as a student of communication sciences. I got addicted to the seaport atmosphere but rebelled against settling and moved to the capital Vilnius to do my master’s degree in semiotics. My heart was once again affected, this time by flocks of hot air balloons decorating late spring and summer evenings.

Eventually I am back in Klaipėda, where I care of my backyard hedgehogs family and the brighter side of life.

Oh, I had also lived in Šiauliai – a place from which loads of Lithuanian underground and aboveground cultural idols and normally talented people (hint, hint) have sprung.

During my moderately short life, I’ve met many people from various parts of the world. I do well with travelers and I am always excited to meet them.

Best wishes, Kristina

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